Our Story

Merrill’s Life Transformation Coaching is the culmination of many years’ aspiration to help people find the best within themselves, and to help make the world a better place.

Blessings Despite Struggles

Merrill’s life is one of immense blessings, but also struggles along the way. Like everyone, life doesn’t always take us along a clear, happy, easy path. The road is filled with obstacles that seem to do their utmost to stop us form reaching our objectives.

With few learned life skills, having led a very protected childhood and teen years, Merrill found herself not managing to detour past those tough stumbling blocks due to a lack of self-confidence and uncertainty. This led to her finding herself lonely, vulnerable and turning to food for comfort, which started a twelve-year battle with bulimia which ended her ballet career. This had a devastating effect on someone close to her, resulting in a burden of guild on her shoulders for many, many years


Through the coming years she found herself victim to many abusive relationships, whether intimate relationships, managers or colleagues in the workplace. Two suicide attempts, thwarted by intervention of others, left her to live on a purely existential basis. Her two sons were her one and only purpose in life. With her focus on providing for them, she maneuvered and stumbled her way through the maze of life for over twenty years.


Consistently trying to prove herself worthy to others, she pushed herself harder and harder, suffering from clinical depressions, being on a dark emotional roller-coaster, consistently finding herself on the receiving end of abusive behaviour. Her coping mechanism was to isolate herself from the world as much as she could, going to work, coming home, sleeping for a few hours, going to work…the treadmill most of us run our lives on.

After being on the receiving end of extreme emotional abuse in the workplace, working ridiculous hours, physically and emotionally distressed, she saw no reason to carry on.


Fortunately, a home renovation for her elder son’s visit form overseas, led to a two-week recess from work where she discovered a whole world out there, just waiting for her to take the time to see it.

She did and very shortly thereafter, resigned from her position and started her journey as a business owner and entrepreneur. Later that year she attended a life coaching preview session and during the preview she experienced an absolute AHA moment where she decided it was time for her to choose to live her best life. And so the change started…the rest, as they say is history.

Coaching in a Bright New World

Enough about the past – coaching is all about the future!

Merrill’s Life Transformation Coaching is helping us change peoples’ lives and so the ripple effect has begun. The more people we reach, the more people they can reach and on it goes

To my wonderful sons and beautiful daughter-in-law, I thank you for your support, your love and your fortitude in helping me get through the rough, tough days. We move forward in this new journey together.